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Preschool stage is the key period of children’s healthy mind and body’s growth and development. Stamford Rhine Preschool carefully plans and prepares a variety of healthy yet delicious meals for our children. It not only helps to stimulates their appetite but also helps to develop good eating habits from childhood diet. This very much helps to promote healthy development of our children.


How are healthy and delicious meals processed in Stamford Rhine Preschool?







Part 2:食材验收

Inspection for Quality and Freshness 



每天7:30 当天所需的食品陆续送到幼儿园厨房,保健医生准时到厨房进行一次验收,通过闻、看、触摸等方式对食品的包装、生产日期、保质期等进行查验及核对。厨师进行二次验收,严把食品入门关。

Every morning at 7:30 , the ingredients for our children’s meals are sent to our kitchen. Our Resident Doctor does the required inspection for quality and freshness. The food packaging, production dates and expiry dates are checked (Ensuring safe food supply ). The chef, then conducts a second inspection.





Part 3:浸泡清洗 Immersion Cleaning

Ensure Residue Free and Safe Consumption



The assistant chef always soak the vegetables and fruits in the water for 20-30 minutes, then rinse them repeatedly with water to ensure residue free and safe consumption (part of the Food Preparation Standard Operation Procedure).



Part 4:粗细加工Coarse and fine processing


Meet the Dietary Characteristics of our Children



According to the oral development our children’s age group, we need to be mindful with thoughtful consideration during the preparation of all our dishes, strictly check the sizes of the raw ingredients. We need to meet the dietary characteristics and the chewing abilities of our children.



Part 5:用心烹饪
Cooking with our Heart and Soul 

Healthy diet with Low Salt and Less Oil



During the cooking process, the chef uses low-salt and low-oil health methods (such as steaming, boiling, braising, etc.) retaining the nutrients of the food as much as possible, and giving our child a healthy yet tasty diet.




Part 6:配餐分餐Meal Served 


Standardized Operation Process


Our Assistant Chef disinfect the class food containers in advance to ensure food safety, health and hygiene. Divide the food into separate container with a lid, and our routine teacher serves the meals to our children (wearing a one time disposable gloves, masks, and caps in advance ).



Part 7:食品留样Food Samples 


48-hour Sample Retention Procedure



A small portion of the food(food samples) that are served to our young children are retained by our Resident doctor on a daily basis. The food samples (150grams)are kept according to the Food Regulations Policy Requirements. They are placed in the disinfected tableware,in the refrigerator(Locked). Food type sample labels are attached to it, together with sample records for the next 48 hours.



Part 8:进餐环节 The dinning Section 

 The joy and fun of eating together


In the eyes of the children, the ultimate taste will not be disappointed, and they enjoy the dining time of each day.Yummy!




At Stamford Rhine, healthy and nutritious meals pledged our love and responsibility for our children. We wish all of our children of the Stamford Rhine Preschool grow healthy and happily under our best care.